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Thanks to squeaky78 and her husband Mike for the support. These are their babies!



Sorry hon! I can't get the other picture to upload. *is sad*

But it was very cute!

Happily Ever After: Sophie

Thanks to sophieschoice for the support! Love you for it!


Sophie's Story!Collapse )

Happily Ever After: Miles and Oscar

From Lindsey! Thanks for sharing your babies' story!

Miles and Oscar

Miles and OscarCollapse )

12:30: Updates

Don't forget, if you want to make a donation, you can do that here!


Ever thought about pet insurance? Check it out!


Pizza helped. I'm full now. Yay.

And pretty happy about it. :)

Pscyh! And Starving!

I just ordered pizza. Which is lovely as I am starving!

Also, I'm back watching Psych again. Max and Oscar are both excited still because I am excited. :)

Yay for pizza!

How are you guys doing?


Happily Ever After: Peyton

nurse_2004 shares Peyton's story with us!


PeytonCollapse )

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